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Do you have a fleet you need to communicate with in real-time without the huge monthly expense and liability that comes with cell phones? For a fraction of the cost, you can rent air-time on one of our radio systems and get reliable communication with your fleet without the downsides of cell phones.

What We Offer

Better service area coverage from Arkansas Valley Communications

Our radio systems offer coverage of the Arkansas River Valley and the surrounding areas from Eastern Oklahoma through Central Arkansas. For as little as twelve dollars per month, you can communicate with your fleet wherever they may be in your service area. In addition to basic voice communication, we offer text-messaging and GPS location tracking options.

What makes radios better than cell-phones for business:

Build a plan that works for your communication system

If you are interested in leasing tower space from us, simply contact us and we will arrange a consultation to determine the best location and options for your unique communication system. We can provide licensing and installation services as part of our total service package.

Cell-phones are a liability in company vehicles:

Cell phones are too complicated and distracting to attempt to use in a vehicle whereas radios offer a simple press one button and talk interface. Additionally, if one of your company vehicles is involved in an accident where the other party can show liabililty on the part of your company as a result of cell-phone use, you may be in for more than you bargained.

Instantly communicate with the push of a button:

With a radio, communicating with an entire group is simple. Cell-phones require 20 separate time-consuming calls to talk to 20 people. Why constantly repeat yourself when you can say it once with a radio and get back to work.

Radios increase productivity over cell-phones:

Modern smartphones are great for watching videos, listening to music, texting friends, and even making phone calls. But in a work environment, these things detract from productivity. Radios, on the other hand, provide all of the functions needed for a productive workforce without the distractions.

Radios can provide better coverage:

In many instances, radios will provide better service than cell-phones in rural areas within the coverage footprint due to much more transmitting power and operation on lower frequencies with less reliance on line-of-sight to the tower.

Two-Way Radios
are Safer:

If you work around flammable fumes or other similar hazards, cell-phones are a no go. However, intrinsically safe radios are the right tool for the job as they are certified to not cause any sparks or provide any other source of ignition.

What You Will Need

You will need a radio at each location and in each vehicle you wish to communicate with and/or portable radios for each person you wish to communicate with. We give you the option of leasing radios from us bundled with your air-time or purchasing your own radios for use on the system. We offer professional installation services for base radios and vehicle mounted radios.

How We Bill for Airtime

For basic voice communication, we bill at a flat rate as low as $12 per month per radio. If you have one radio at your office and one radio in a delivery van, your monthly rate would be $24 plus taxes for unlimited use.

What do I do next?

If you are interested in renting air-time from us, simply contact us and we will arrange a consultation to identify your communications needs and set up the best equipment and air-time package to address them.

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Let’s work together to develop the right communications solution for your business.
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