Tower Space from Arkansas Valley Communications

Make a difference in the total performance of your communication system

Tower Space For Lease

Optimize the Preformance of your communication System

Arkansas Valley Communications maintains several communication towers providing coverage throughout the Arkansas River Valley from Eastern Oklahoma to Central Arkansas. These towers are located on the most advantageous mountains, hills, and high spots in the area and range in height from 100′ to 180′. Each site has a secure equipment building and perimeter fence with generator backup available at select sites.

Why Lease Tower Space?

Better coverage and regular maintenance from Arkansas Valley Communications

With the current trend of permits being unavailable or very difficult to aquire, leasing tower space is, in many cases, a better alternative than building your own. When you lease tower space all the worry of maintaining the structure, structure insurance, painting, lighting, building maintenance, and climate control are taken care of for you. Your antenna is located at a predetermined height and the communications equipment is installed into the provided building. Getting a good tower site location can make a real difference in the total performance of your communication system.

What do I do next?

Build a plan that works for your communication system

If you are interested in leasing tower space from us, simply contact us and we will arrange a consultation to determine the best location and options for your unique communication system. We can provide licensing and installation services as part of our total service package.

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