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3080384G15 Vehicular Power Adapter

Charge your batteries and detect faulty ones on the go with this vehicular power adapter. The Motorola conditioning charger recharges NiCd and NiMH batteries while…

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3080384M21 DC Hard Wire Cable

This cable is used when installing a charger in your vehicle. The Motorola conditioning charger recharges NiCd and NiMH batteries while minimizing overheating and…

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3087791G01 Spare power cord for CP-series multi-unit charger

These 5.5-inch VHF, flexible whip antennas have a one-piece finish, steel core and spiral wound conductor for optimal radiation characteristics.

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AAHTN3000 Single-Unit Rapid-Rate Charger

This 120-volt charger can rapidly charge batteries on or off the radio in one to three hours. The tri-chemistry charger features rapid, trickle, and maintenance modes….

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AAHTN3001C Single-Unit Rapid-Rate Charger

This Tri-Chemistry charger features rapid, trickle and maintenance modes. The maintenance mode “revert to rapid” feature ensures that batteries remain fully…

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BDN6676D 3.5mm Jack Adapter Quick Disconnect Latch

This 3.5mm screw thread jack adapter is required for the connection of Motorola discrete accessories to appropriate radio. It connects directly to the external…

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CLS Double-Unit Drop-In Charger

The Motorola 56553 charger will charge the VL50 Radio and an extra battery simultaneously, to keep you connected all day long. This product can charge one radio…

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ENLN4104 UHF Antenna Adapter

Vehicular adapters detect the chemistry of a portable battery and select the optimum charging method while providing power for in-vehicle radio use. The antenna adapter…

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EPNN9288A Rapid-Rate Charger Transformer (US), 120V

This is a 120 volt rapid-rate charger transformer (US) that plugs into the RLN6506 Amplifier Charger Kit.

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